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LEED for Homes

LEED for Homes is a national rating system created by the US Green Building Council (USGBC). LEED for Homes measures home performance in 8 categories:

  • Innovative Design Process 
  • Locations and Linkages 
  • Sustainable Sites 
  • Water Efficiency 
  • Energy and Atmosphere 
  • Materials and Resources 
  • Indoor Environmental Quality 
  • Awareness and Education

Based on the home's score, it may obtain one of the following rankings:

  • LEED Certified 
  • LEED Silver 
  • LEED Gold 
  • LEED Platinum   

A third-party inspection system ensures the integrity of the verification process. A local or regional LEED for Homes Provider organization oversees these verification services, which include inspections and performance testing by a Green Rater/Energy Rater.

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