Cape Fear
Green Building Alliance

Queen Street Green Business Co-op

1608 Queen St.

The Queen St. Co-op is a cooperative green business collaboration by ILM Design & Build, Cape Fear Rainwater Harvesting and Carolina Green Building. The purpose of the cooperative is to collaborate on green building ideas and resources within one location.

Innovative Firsts:
First and only green building ‘for-profit’ cooperative in Wilmington establishes credibility within industries. Tenants practice what they preach (Energy Star Retrofit strategies used in renovation, Solar Hot Water system installed, Rainwater Collection System installed). Custom recycled countertops are manufactured on site.

Site Strategies:
Complete renovation of 1608 Queen St. Energy Star retrofit strategies used to create energy efficient workspace. LED backlighting is used in lobby with 3Form recycle plastics. Custom concrete and bamboo benches, recycled flooring and sinks add aesthetic toning with low-impact, LEED accredited building practices. A rainwater catchment system has been plumbed into the toilet and shop areas to be used for non-potable sourcing. Furthermore, a solar thermal test system has been installed for thermal efficiency research.

The shop area in the rear has been organized with floating tables so that each business may take advantage of floor room. A vented paint room was constructed for countertop manufacturing and concrete pouring.
Water Efficiency:
Water usage is minimized by the use of high efficiency, low-flow sink fixtures, low consumption toilets and rainwater catchment. All non-potable water uses are sourced from the rainwater cistern. In addition, rainwater harvesting will collect 86% of the water that falls on the roof for use in irrigation and dual flush water closets.

Energy and Atmosphere:
The Queen St. Co-op was fully gutted and retrofitted using Energy Star Standards for air sealing. Duct repair and cleaning was completed during the construction phase and all ducts were fully sealed to ensure dust and particulate did not enter system. An experimental solar hot water system was installed to reduce energy consumption by the hot water tank. The unit serves as a test unit for performance evaluation. CFL lighting, daylighting, and other efficient methods have been implemented in office and shop environments.

Materials and Resources:
Lumber waste is reduced by detailed framing plans and cut lists. Many of the materials are either reused onsite, donated, or recycled. An emphasis was given to environmentally preferable materials, including those that contained recycled content, renewable materials, are capable of being recycled at disposal, or were manufactured within a 500 mile radius of the site.

Indoor Environmental Quality:
The heating and air conditioning system introduces outdoor air into the office while high efficiency filters eliminate particulates such as dust and dirt. Ventilation fan was installed in shop area to ventilate dust and odor caused during course of work.

Carolina Green Building and ILM Design Build

Rainwater Harvesting:
Cape Fear Rainwater Harvesting

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