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3414 Lauralis Bluffs Court - EPA WaterSense Certified

The Fergusson Residence is a newly constructed residential home featuring numerous green additions. Water conservation, energy efficiency, and green materials were incorporated to enhance the home’s quality and performance while limiting environmental impact.

Innovative Firsts:

First EPA WaterSense program completed and certified in NC. The home features all water-conservation appliances and fixtures per WaterSense requirements. Pine flooring was also taken from site, planed, sanded, and installed on-site. Typically, homes import woods from other sites to be used in home.

Site Strategies:
The Fergusson Residence uses all WaterSense qualified fixtures. The crawlspace is sealed and the home is pre-plumbed for solar hot water, including a solar thermal tank. Concrete countertops, fireplace, and sinks were installed using recycled concrete, oystershells, and aggregate. Recycled pine from homesite was used for flooring system. Salt water pool reduces chemical consumption and is healthier than chlorine pools. Metal roof reduces heat gain from sun and home is in position for installation of solar thermal system.
Water Efficiency:
Home is WaterSense qualified. All fixtures are low GPM fixtures and consume minimal water. Low GPF toilets reduce water waste.

Energy and Atmosphere:

CFL lights were installed throughout home. The Fergusson Home is EnergyStar certified and proper caulking and insulation were installed to reduce HVAC loads. Crawlspace is sealed to increase efficiency of air handler and thermal envelope. Windows are low-E, high efficiency. Additionally, the home is pre-plumbed from garage to roof for future solar thermal installation.

Materials and Resources:
Many environmentally friendly materials were used on-site. Custom ILM concrete countertops and sinks were installed, using recycled aggregate and concrete. The floors were made from Pine taken from home-site. Contractor sourced local products and materials, when available.

Indoor Environmental Quality:
The heating and air conditioning system introduces outdoor air into the house while high efficiency filters eliminate particulates such as dust and dirt. Crawl space is sealed, eliminating chance for mold, mildew, and failing (falling) insulation from floor system.

ILM Design and Build

B+O Design Studio; Scott Ogden

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