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6810 Finian Drive - Energy Efficiency Retrofit

Innovative Firsts:
The Woodhead installation is the first home in Wilmington to receive a solar PV system with a Velux thermal system and use an electric hybrid vehicle. The WH home has a 4.465kW PV system, Velux Solar Thermal System, and a new Chevy Volt.

Energy and Atmosphere:
Energy consumption is estimated to drop 10-15% through installation of LED lightbulbs, dimmer switches, duct sealing, and attic space remediation. Solar PV and Solar Thermal have been incorporated into the home to reduce electricity consumption from the grid. 80% of hot water shall be sourced from the sun and approximately 30-40% of solar energy will be harnessed through a 4.465kW PV system.

Materials and Resources:
Sharp solar pv modules are made in Tennessee. Velux solar thermal is made in Greenwood, SC Blown cellulose insulation is made from recycled paper content.

Indoor Environmental Quality:
Sealing the ducting in the home should reduce infiltration from the crawl space and limit mold and mildew into the home. Addition of a sealed access door in the home’s envelope will limit fiberglass insulation intrusion, reducing exposure to glass particulate, formaldehyde, and other toxins.

Retrofit and Solar Installation: 
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