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Green Building Alliance

UNCW’s Osher Lifelong Learning Institute - Solar Street Sign

620 South College Road

Site Strategies:
UNCW went solar in their pilot street sign project. With the intention of reducing their carbon footprint, Kelly O’Connell from UNCW Business Applications prepared a graphical layout based on which The Southern Sign Company, in cooperation with Cape Fear Solar Systems, designed the innovative solar powered sign. Given the fact that running electrical lines could become costly at some of the campus buildings, the idea of a standalone system with battery storage came into place.

Energy and Atmosphere:

Since UNCW approached this project as a long term investment over the next 20+years, together with requesting a minimum of 10 hours of daily sign lighting to plan for short winter days, the extremely reliable all black SunPower 225 Watt solar panel, with one of the highest efficiencies on the market of 18.1%, became the preferred solution. The efficiency is obvious in the outstanding clarity of the LCD lighting during the night. Cape Fear Solar Systems will be using this site to demonstrate the usage of a battery backup system when going solar, and explaining when it makes sense for homeowners to go completely off the grid. In addition to using battery backup in solar applications, Cape Fear Solar will be highlighting the importance of panel efficiency and how it is directly affecting solar system production and payback.

Materials and Resources:
To keep the green spirit throughout the design phase, the frame was made of recycled aluminum. The same building uses not only the self contained solar sign light, but solar spot lights have been installed as well.

Kelly O’Connell

Southern Sign Company and Cape Fear Solar Systems

Solar Installation:
Cape Fear Solar Systems

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