Cape Fear
Green Building Alliance

What Members Say


"CFGBA helped us realize the need for a store like Sapona Green in the area. CFGBA has helped me expand my store's client base and integrate with other sustainably minded professionals. I also take frequent advantage of CFGBA discounts at Office Depot, especially on color copies."

Elaine L. Jack - Owner, Sapona Green Building Center
"It's great to partner with an organization that is as determined as I am to bring the exciting everyday changes in the world of energy efficiency to the general public. I have learned a lot from attending CFGBA meetings as well as from other CFGBA members. The Retrofit Roadshow provides my company (and other retrofit companies) an extraordinary opportunity for raising awareness. Finally, advertising in Green Direct has brought us multiple customers wanting to improve the efficiency of their homes. All of us here at All About Energy Solutions appreciate the hard work everyone involved with your organization does each and every day. Thank you for all of the support and please keep up the good work of reducing our area's carbon footprint."

Chris DeHart - Owner, All About Energy Solutions
"CFGBA was the first organization I affiliated with after getting my company started up in 2005. I chose to sponsor the CFGBA for two reasons, 1) Because I believe in the mission and 2) To network and market my business. The benefits have been tremendous. Not only have I developed working relationships with builders, architects and other specialist contractors, but I have met a lot of genuinely good people and have made lifelong friendships as well. I cannot recommend the CFGBA highly enough, both as a resource for the environmentally aware business, as well as an advocate for that movement."

Iain Fergusson - Owner, Highland Roofing Company
"The connections I have made through the Cape Fear Green Building Alliance have been fundamental to the success of my career. The professional relationships that I formed at CFGBA events gave me the confidence and encouragement to pursue the job I now hold. As an Instructor, I enjoy working with students to help them achieve their goals in education and in life. Teaching about sustainability and green technology is an exciting and dynamic opportunity to help make our community a better place to live."

John Wojciechowski, AIA, LEED AP - Lead Instructor - Sustainability Technologies, Cape Fear Community College

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